ThirdShiftFit Challenges

Welcome to ThirdShiftFit Challenges! I am in hopes of creating a more interactive website and want to get to know my followers.  I will be hosting a series of challenges for followers.


January to February Results

4 week weight loss challenges— $25 entry fee for each member– ALL money will be given as prize money.  Ideally, I would like to have two winners (splitting any profit 50/50) for each challenge:  A winner based on amount of weight lost and a winner based on number of vote for Before/After pictures (voted on blog/instagram/facebook) If the member is both, they will win 100% of the profits.  This will be dependent on the number of member that join the challenge.  The more the merrier! Tell your friends and compete together!

With the $25 entry fee you will be provided with 4 weeks of training and a meal plan.

I think it would be great for the members and, I personally, would love for the members of the challenges to share their experiences and thoughts on the MEMBER FORUM



Questions or if interested contact :