Bikini Meal Prep 101 :: Turkey and Mushroom “Stir Fry”

Meal Prep 101 :: Turkey and Mushroom “Stir Fry”
Sometimes I think eating everything together make it taste better– mixing my veggies with my meats and starches. It is easier for me to enjoy, rather than eating bland veggies alone I can use the flavors of the protein to help tolerate the veggies. The easiest way to do this is with ground meat. I prefer ground turkey for competition prep because the “extra lean” ground turkey has macros straight from the gods– although can be very dry and tasteless if you cook it wrong— AGAIN, why I like to cook it into a “stir fry” type of dish.

To make this dish:
2 containers of extra lean ground turkey (20ounces each)
1 package Trader Joes Mushroom Medley
1-2 package(s) of frozen veggie (I like frozen peas or cut green beans)

Start by cooking meat in an extra large frying pan or wok. Stir frequently. When turkey is fully cooked and no longer pink, add in the mushroom medley and the green beans. Cover, and cook for 5-7 minutes.

As you’ve noticed, to make this particular dish I use a specific product from Trader Joe’s. If you do not have a Trader Joe’s nearby (cry a little..) you can use regular mushrooms (but season well with fresh parsley and garlic)


The Mushroom Medley from Trader Joe’s has a yummy garlic sauce it is flavored with and this get incorporated into the stir fry. This has some fats in it, BUT since you used the extra lean meat, the meals come out to be about 225 calories, 6 Fat 7.5 Carb and 34 Protein so it is not too bad!! (Makes 8 meals)


MACRO TIP: in order to find your macros and be consistent when making a stir fry like this, my recommendation, is to find the weight of your pan FIRST –or you will have to zero the weight of a large bowl and put in all of the stir fry into that bowl after it is zeroed (place the bowl on the kitchen scale and hit zero) — this way the only thing you are weighing is the food. when you have the total weight of the stir fry,  divide the total number of grams into how many meals you want to prepare (I divided by 8 , but you could do any amount)  this will result in how many grams you need PER MEAL   With this number you can put an empty Tupperware container on the scale and weight out that number for each container.

FYI: I have used Birdeye Steamfresh “Flavored Blends” and “Protein blends” as a substitution for the mushroom medley (mushroom remains my all time favorite..) They were all a good substitution and a meal I actually enjoyed to eat. I liked the “Italian protein and veggie blend” and the “Asian flavored rice blend” was good also.

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