Icon Meals

Hey guys!  I wanted to share with you a company that I use when my schedule is extra crazy and I need some help in the meal prep department.  Icon Meals is a company located in Texas which takes online orders, with many different AWESOME options each week, and will deliver these meals right to your door.  The great part about this company is you can customize your meals to be tailored entirely to your needs.

I have used Icon Meals on multiple occasions and I have never been unhappy with my food.  It always comes fresh and flavorful!  My personal favorite meals are the S’mores protein pancakes (mouth watering?)  and the protein personal pizza (..you could have called that one, right?!)

One Stop Shop

I also order customizable meals– I can pick my protein type (ex: chicken, turkey, salmon, bison, steak, etc) and the amount of the protein (3 ounces, 4 ounces, 5 ounces, etc.).  The different types of proteins and different amounts of proteins will have different up or down charges, but you will see that as you’re ordering– no surprises!

Likewise, with carbohydrates (such as sweet potatoes, white/brown rice, roasted herbed potatoes, etc) and the vegetables (green beans, broccoli, asparagus, etc)  you can choose your style and your amount.   If you aren’t going to even pretend to like carbs or veggies– you can simply choose “none” for either category.

And what about breakfast?  Icon meals has a custom breakfast creator you can choose between egg proteins (such as eggs, egg whites, hardboiled) and pair with a meat protein (like turkey bacon, bacon, ham, etc)  You can even add protein pancakes (!!) and/or pair with carbohydrates such as oatmeal.

Sometimes you need to just take a break from meal prepping, but your fitness goals are too important just to “wing it” — think of Icon Meals and try a week or two of freshly prepared and delivered meals.   Meals come priority shipped with dry ice.  I, personally, have never had issues with shipping– meals always come cold, sometimes a few meals are even frozen from the dry ice. (and this is coming from a girl in South Florida!)

Meals range anywhere from $5 and up– depending on what you add and the amounts you add. If you don’t want to take the time to customize your meals they also include a large “Signature Menu” that changes every week.  Macros of the meals are shown on the website so you will be aware of how many calories/fats/proteins/carbs each meal contain when making the selection!

I really can’t say enough about this company! I highly suggest you check it out if you are ever looking for a break from the meal prepping part of your fitness journey  (or if you want to begin a fat loss or fitness journey and don’t know where to begin when it comes with food and nutrition)

You can use code “rxrachael” for 10% off your entire order.

Healthy Apple and Cranberry Cole Slaw with Pork Tenderloin 

So I was shopping at Trader Joe’s when I stumbled across some different types of shredded veggies in the produce aisle.  I thought that they would be awesome for volume foods when calories are low during diet/competition prep.  (Volume foods are those that are very low calorie and you can eat large servings at once to help fill you up— think of it. You can have 1 oreo cookie for 35 calories, or you can have 3.5 cups of romaine lettuce, yes– the oreo sounds 100x better, but– say this is the only meal you could eat for the next few hours, which would fill you up?!   The salad that is the size of a 3 month old would.

So looking at these shredded vegetables, I thought how they reminded me of a cole slaw.  I tried this apple, cranberry, and kale coleslaw at one of my favorite local restaurants, and I was then inspired to recreate this as healthy as possible—san mayo!

I remembered I had reduced sugar dried cranberries and a green apple at home, so I was set!  But what could I pair this lovely cole slaw with??   Cranberry, apples….. PORK.  I chose a pork tenderloin , the leanest cut of pork available at the store I was shopping at.  Per 112grams/4 ounces:  120 calories 2.5 fat  0 carb  23 protein.  Not too shabby! Continue reading

Voted One of 30 Best Weight Loss Blogs

Honored to be considered one of 30 best weight loss blogs by muscle fitness and nutrition. com ! Article can be viewed here: http://www.musclefitnessandnutrition.com/blogs/weight-loss-blogs/
Thank you to everyone that follows and reads my posts!! 
I’m so humbled and honored to receive recognition!  I am happy to help motivate and encourage everyone, even those with hectic schedules, to get healthy and reach their fitness goals!

My View on Dieting

A recent winning of an IFBB pro card stated that in order for dieting to work — you must be miserable. You must eat clean and eat little. You must be hungry. It almost saddens me that she won because many girls are going to believe this to be true.

You should never feel completely miserable– if you do, you need to readjust things.
Personally, I believe that if you are completely miserable that diet is NOT going to last. Chances are that you will rebound as soon as that competition is over– if you make it that long. For the rare person that is able to live like this, like this particular competitor, I guess she deserves that trophy because hopefully it gave her one moment of happiness in her miserable life.

Okay, so that’s being very blunt. I am not trying to say dieting is easy. Dieting for a competition is NOT easy– but there is a true difference between misery and sacrifice. Eating your chicken meal prep while your co workers order pizza is a sacrifice that you make for your goal. Yeah, it sucks at the time, but this shouldn’t make you completely miserable for the whole day— if it does, reevaluate why you are competing.

“there is a true difference between misery and sacrifice.”

If you are constantly hungry add in an extra serving of veggies for each meal– sure, veggies aren’t delicious and what you’re craving, but again that is the sacrifice you are making and those extra veggies will fill you up.

IIFYM, or if it fits your macros is a great approach to dieting because you can sneak in little things to keep you interested in the diet. For example, when I’m craving sweets or chocolate I will fit a quest bar or fiber one 90 calorie brownie into my diet.

Dieting and fat loss is all about calories in vs. calories out. This is why IIFYM is an effective approach. As long as you are in a caloric deficit from your TDEE you will lose.
If you need assistance with macros and nutrition contact me via email rwesmiller48@gmail.com. I have spots open for new clients.


Bikini Meal Prep 101 :: Turkey and Mushroom “Stir Fry”

Meal Prep 101 :: Turkey and Mushroom “Stir Fry”
Sometimes I think eating everything together make it taste better– mixing my veggies with my meats and starches. It is easier for me to enjoy, rather than eating bland veggies alone I can use the flavors of the protein to help tolerate the veggies. The easiest way to do this is with ground meat. I prefer ground turkey for competition prep because the “extra lean” ground turkey has macros straight from the gods– although can be very dry and tasteless if you cook it wrong— AGAIN, why I like to cook it into a “stir fry” type of dish.

To make this dish:
2 containers of extra lean ground turkey (20ounces each)
1 package Trader Joes Mushroom Medley
1-2 package(s) of frozen veggie (I like frozen peas or cut green beans)

Start by cooking meat in an extra large frying pan or wok. Stir frequently. When turkey is fully cooked and no longer pink, add in the mushroom medley and the green beans. Cover, and cook for 5-7 minutes.

As you’ve noticed, to make this particular dish I use a specific product from Trader Joe’s. If you do not have a Trader Joe’s nearby (cry a little..) you can use regular mushrooms (but season well with fresh parsley and garlic)


The Mushroom Medley from Trader Joe’s has a yummy garlic sauce it is flavored with and this get incorporated into the stir fry. This has some fats in it, BUT since you used the extra lean meat, the meals come out to be about 225 calories, 6 Fat 7.5 Carb and 34 Protein so it is not too bad!! (Makes 8 meals)


MACRO TIP: in order to find your macros and be consistent when making a stir fry like this, my recommendation, is to find the weight of your pan FIRST –or you will have to zero the weight of a large bowl and put in all of the stir fry into that bowl after it is zeroed (place the bowl on the kitchen scale and hit zero) — this way the only thing you are weighing is the food. when you have the total weight of the stir fry,  divide the total number of grams into how many meals you want to prepare (I divided by 8 , but you could do any amount)  this will result in how many grams you need PER MEAL   With this number you can put an empty Tupperware container on the scale and weight out that number for each container.

FYI: I have used Birdeye Steamfresh “Flavored Blends” and “Protein blends” as a substitution for the mushroom medley (mushroom remains my all time favorite..) They were all a good substitution and a meal I actually enjoyed to eat. I liked the “Italian protein and veggie blend” and the “Asian flavored rice blend” was good also.

Bikini meal prep 101 :: lemon chicken

Bikini meal prep 101 :: lemon chicken

1 pound chicken breast
1 lemon
3 sprigs Rosemary  OR parsley, depending on personal preference
Fresh ground pepper to taste
3-4 sweet potatoes or 1 package frozen yam patties
2-3 bags frozen vegetables of choice

I begin by cleaning the chicken — getting off any extra fat that is still on the breast. I usually cut the chicken into strips or small chunks to cook faster and to distribute and weigh for my meal preps. I measure my proteins after they are done cooking. When the chicken is cleaned and cut I put it all into a large gallon bag with juice of 1 fresh lemon and chopped rosemary or parsley. I marinade for at least 1 hour, but the longer the better !

While you are waiting for the chicken to marinade, you can prepare your sweet potatoes if you would prefer fresh to the frozen yam patties. I wash the sweet potatoes and cut width wise into medallions. This is easier to measure and weigh when finished and ready to add to your meals. I put on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil. Spray with a nonstick cooking spray– ideally the coconut oil kind– and top with you’re favorite seasonings. I love cinnamon !! But if you think that would be odd with the lemon chicken, I would recommend paprika.

Preheat the convection oven to 350F.   Cover cake pan in foil– I use a cake pan because baking chicken will result in a lot of juices — you could use a cast iron skillet if you have one large enough for 1 lb of chicken !!

Bake chicken for 20-25 minutes   Sweet potatoes will need 30-35 minutes to cook.

Allow chicken to cool. While doing so, begin to add your frozen veggies to your meal prep containers. I weigh out 1 serving size of the frozen veggies into several Tupperware containers. If you have extra fats to spare you can add crushed or slivered almonds to your green beans like the picture above– but I cannot do this in the later stages of prep.  After the veggies are added, I place 1 yam patty or 3 oz of sweet potato into each container. Lastly , I weigh out my chicken — usually 4 ounces , but when my calories were at their lowest during the end of prep, I would make meals with only 2 ounces of protein to 1+ serving veggies in order to fill me up.

So your amount in each meal prep will be up to you and where your calories are at in this point of your prep.  Enjoy!

Bikini Meal Prep 101 :: Tilapia

I will be posting a series of meal preps I make throughout my BIKINI COMPETITION PREP.  Ideally giving those that wish to compete recipe ideas, but they can also be used by those that just want to get healthier and lose some fat.  They will be lean, low fat meals — low in calories, and WARNING: they won’t be as fun as some of my previous meal preps!  They will be bodybuilder style protein-starch-veggie based, but I thought it would be helpful to share how I prepare the proteins– what I season with and how I cook them.  My secret is fresh herbs, marinades, and fresh citrus!  With these three items you can make bland proteins such as tilapia, cod, and chicken taste super yummy!

This Week:  Tilapia


2 pounds of tilapia , fresh ideally — but defrosted frozen fillets work also!
Lime juice , to taste
Fresh cilantro, or Cilantro paste , found in produce aisle
Fresh ground black pepper, to taste
1 cup Rice/quinoa
1-2 cups reduced sodium broth (or water)
2-3 bags of frozen vegetable of choice

In a gallon ziplock or the bag the tilapia came in, place all the ingredients in and let marinade for at least 1 hour.

While marinating, prepare rice or white quinoa. I prepare mine with reduced sodium chicken broth for a little bit of flavor. I measure my rice/quinoa when it is cooked. I usually throw in at least 1 cup uncooked with recommended amount of water/broth.  Brown rice is usually a 1:1 rice to water ratio, while quinoa requires a little more water– follow the directions on the container!  I measure out 1/3 cup COOKED rice/quinoa for each meal.  If I have any leftovers I feed it to my boyfriend !  🙂

Preheat convection oven at 350F

Line a cake pan with tin foil. Place the marinaded tilapia onto the foil. Cover the cake pan with additional tin foil. Bake for 20 minutes.

Add 4 oz WEIGHED of tilapia fillet, 1-2 serving of frozen veggies (don’t bother heating them, they will defrost in the fridge and you will reheat when you eat your meal), and 1/3 cup cooked quinoa.