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Muscle Building: Phase 1

Muscle Building program phase 1– 4 weeks training focused on heavier weights and shorter rep schemes for purpose of gaining muscle.  5 days per week scheduled.  Need gym access for this program.


Muscle Building: phase 2


This is the second phase of the muscle building training collection. 4 weeks, PLUS 1 BONUS week of training. You will find your new 1 rep max/personal best in the bonus week 5 of this programming.  5 days per week scheduled.  Need gym access for this program.


The program that helped me to build up my lower body for the Arnold Expo.  4 week program including 3 days of lower body focused and glute centered exercises. Perform these days in addition to your regular programming or alone. 


Coming Soon:

12 week cut/bikini competition preparation training


Email me, RWesmiller48@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.  I can personally send you the programming and PayPal invoice if you would prefer that!  Thanks again for your interest! Regardless of your schedule, Keep at it!